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Cam Dog  We we have a current litter of puppies, we do have a LIVE stream on our puppies everyday!!  Click the link below to watch live from mid-morning till 11 pm! If we are not live, there are hours of videos to watch (some have audio, some do not)

 The  reason we broadcasted live was because we are just so in love with these beautiful animals, that we want to share them with others, if they're interested.  

Also, it is a super fun way for the future puppy owners to watch their puppy grow up every day.  It has been a great experience and we have "met"
so many amazing puppy/dog loving people!

   We have been so touched by so many wonderful emails from our audience
 who have been watching our LIVE PUPPY CAM, that we wanted to
share some of them with you.  


Puppy Cam Testimonials

Dear Ellen,

Hello! I realize you don't know me. My name is K. and I have been following your ustream webcam site for the last couple of weeks. I also realize you probably don't have much time for emails but I do hope you get a chance to read this. I also went to your website and read & read!!! Boy did I learn a lot! I have so many compliments to pay you, where do I begin? First off, you have a patience level with all your dogs unlike I have EVER seen before! It is truly beautiful to watch you care for not only your puppies but your three adult Goldens! I have watched you play, feed, clean, bathe, etc.... with such a level of joy it is an absolute pleasure to watch you care for your dogs. You truly love what you are doing and it is evident.

If I may briefly explain, my husband and I currently have 5 dogs. We have been involved in rescuing for the past 12 years. Currently we have 3 Rottweilers (all males) and 2 St. Bernards (females). What caught my eye first on your website was that you feed raw! Hurray! We also feed raw and I so agree with you about all the benefits of feeding a raw diet. We actually make our own raw dog food & treats and sell to a few local people. NOTE: I am not sending you this email to sell you raw dog food. We do not ship anything and did not want you to get that impression).

However, what I did truly want to convey to you was after visiting your website, I realized I was missing so many pieces of the puzzle by only feeding raw dog food. You educated me on so many other areas so far as natural caring of dogs. The vaccination, heartworm, etc... I realized after reading your website that I was truly only doing a partial job by only feeding raw and missed so many other areas where I could improve the care of my dogs.

I did not know that the degree of "Doctor of Animal Naturopathy" even existed and I so applaud not only your effort in your pursuit but also making others aware of such a field of expertise. I wish you only the best in your endeavor and I am 1000% you will do extremely well in this field!

Again, I know you don't have a great amount of down time with caring for all your precious, beautiful dogs. I just had to take a minute to write and say how much I greatly appreciate all the education you have provided on your website. You have inspired me to look further into the "natural" caring of my wonderful pack. I do hope to learn as much as I can from you and will certainly be a frequent visitor to your outstanding website.

I have not yet joined in chat on your live webcam but will do so in the near future. Please accept my most sincere compliments to you and all you do for not only your own dogs but for all dog lovers in general. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated and I would so appreciate keeping in touch with you. Truly you are such an inspiration to me. Just a quick example: on this Wednesday afternoon of July 21st, I watched while you lovingly cared, played and bathed your dogs. That inspired me to get up and have an extra special play session outside with my own 5 dogs. Thank you for all you do!!!

You love dogs and it truly shows each and every time I watch! You can also tell how much you love your dogs even when you are not present. They are wonderful, happy, gorgeous dogs and that is truly because of all you do for them!

Take care and look forward to learning even more from you!



Been Watching Your Puppies!   7/20/10

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Welk,

Just dropping you a note to thank you for sharing your wonderful puppies with us!  My husband and I found them when they were just a few days old, and we have enjoyed dropping in every day to see how they have grown and progressed.  You don't know us as we are just "lurkers"...for some reason I just can't bring myself to join in on the chat!  I know that they will soon be going to their forever homes and wanted to tell you that my husband and I are just so impressed with the care and love that you have given to all 15 of your dogs!  We almost considered trying to adopt one of the puppies ourselves, (my husband and I love Goldens!) but we are seniors and thought that the drive to Wisconsin might be just too much for us.  We currently have a Cocker Spaniel/Lhasa Apso mix who has been the light of our lives for the past 17 years...but she is now blind, and going senile and we probably won't have her for too much longer.  We already are preparing to have our hearts torn to shreds when she goes!  

Again...a huge thank you to you and Papa GG for allowing us into your beautiful home, and sharing your wonderful puppies with us!  Good luck with the schooling, and you can bet we'll be patiently waiting to see your next litter!

J & G


Ellen, THANK YOU for being the integral leader of a group of crazy fun people at your webcam. You've put in so much work and time to provide us with a place to share our souls and enjoy the company of a beautifully diverse group of people. You are amazing! Hugs to you and Papa GG!!

F. K.


Yes Ellen, thank YOU for sharing all of this with us!! It brightened my otherwise boring days at work. I looked forward to the puppy cam every day. You are a wonderful dog mother!

S. H.


Ellen, I have to also say THANK YOU for all you have shared with us and taught us. Because of you, I am more confident that I am raising my dogs to live long and healthy lives. You have also shown us the importance of good friends. Congratulations to all the new puppy owners :) Maisy and Mowgli are the parents of my three Goldens and they are absolutely the BEST!

C. V.


Thank you, Ellen! We're confident knowing where our next golden is coming from. Can't wait to hear news of your upcoming litters!   J.B.


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