The Fine Print

         dog                   Full Puppy Policy  (the fine print)

It's important stuff!

1) We believe that a good, well balanced, happy puppy is the result of nature and nurture working together. Without one, you can not have the other. The proper physical characteristics must come from sound bloodlines, but even the best bred pup can be a behavioral nightmare. A puppy's first 3 months of life experiences, will determine how it's personality is formed for the rest of it's life. 

2) A dog's genetic nature may make for a beautiful dog, but if that dog is raised without the proper food, shelter, with other dogs, or with positive physical human interaction (love), it will never develop to it's full potential. These missing pieces can result in life long problems of moodiness, rage, biting, chewing, constant barking, continuous anxiety, behavioral obsessions, social problems with other dogs or people, withdrawal, obstinacies, food disorders or uncontrollable wetting... to name a few. An insecure, traumatized or abandoned puppy will NOT make a good family pet - period. There's no bones about it. These are the dogs that mostly fill our animal shelters in this country. A good dog trainer can help an owner or family with a dog exhibiting some of these types of problems. Negative behavior such as this can be "modified" or "re-directed", but a dog can never fully unlearn a bad behavior. This is the importance of finding a good dog breeder who has raised your puppy properly and with all of the elements necessary for life long health!

3) We caIMG_0680n tell you, with confidence, that our dogs are in excellent, prime condition physically and emotionally. Both dogs are very happy and very healthy.  Many dogs in our lines exhibit life spans of 11 - 14 years. That record alone speaks volumes to the genetic health of these dogs. This is a really good sign that these bloodlines lines are proven to be solid and produce healthy dogs, full of life and vitality.  Please view their pedigrees on the Meet The Parents page and our health policy on the Natural Rearing Ethics page.

4) If you would like to pick out a puppy, you can do so only according to the order of receipt of your non-refundable deposit after the puppies are born. The deposit will count toward the purchase of your puppy.  Please don't send in your deposit before the pups are born.  At birth, the people who have their names on our approved waiting list and send in their deposit will secure a puppy.  When the pups are 6 weeks old, all depositors will be notified when they can come to choose their puppy.  After this age, the pups can be chosen upon deposit to approved homes.  Before that age, it is really hard to know the personality of each puppy!!  They are different, but mostly... there is never a bad pup in any litter!!  Some can be a bit more dominant than another, or a slightly different color, or have different markings, but they are ALL really great pups!! 

5) I will color code the puppy collar ribbon according to the owners choice so that when the puppies are ready to go home you will receive the same puppy that you choose!

6) I will attend to all of the puppies initial medical needs and de-worming by natural methods only.  If veterinarian intervention is needed, I will assume all costs of that while in my care.

7.)  I do not vaccinate my puppies at all and the first only necessary vaccination by law in the state of Wisconsin is the Rabies Vaccine. (please see page on Limited Vaccinations)  If any additional medical care is necessary while the puppies are in my care, I will be solely responsible for all aspects of that care, until the date of release to their new parents.

8) I will continue to maintain all aspects of the physical and emotional responsibilities involving the puppy's care until; 

  a.) the new owner takes the puppy to it's new home, AND b.) the final balance of the amount due is received. The final amount due is $1800.00 per puppy, male or female, when the puppy goes to it's fur-ever home.

9) I reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to anyone for any reason which I believe any buyer may or will be unable to provide a more than acceptable home or quality of life for said puppy. This decision is left solely discretion of myself, Ellen Welk, and/or my husband, Jerry Welk, as the breeder of these puppies, at any time before the final payment is made.

10) What We Are Not
Sometimes expectations can lead us into difficulties, even let us down. I'd rather discuss positive things here, but I need to share with you about the things that I am not.

 1. I am NOT a professional dog trainer.

 2. We do NOT run a puppy mill. 

 3. I am NOT someone who is looking to make money from our puppies.

11) I will discuss with you, the buyer, the commitment and responsibility necessary to care for a puppy as it grows into adulthood, and for the rest of it's life. I am always available for questions and I encourage you to contact me.

12) I will provide for you, the buyer, the best possible puppy information and assistance available. I am a truth seeker and, if necessary, will assist you in finding out how to solve problems with your puppy from the time you adopt your pup throughout all of the days of it's life!  I understand that your dog can, and will, become a part of your family. If any problems arise with your dog, in any area, I will help you to find the solutions or guide you to the resources that you may need. 

13) If you become unable to care for your dog for any reason at any time, I will provide a home for him/her. Pet ownership is a serious commitment and can not be taken lightly. If you call me, and all other options have been exhausted, I will provide a home for your dog, whether temporary or permanent. Never take your dog to an animal shelter or give it away to someone who may be unable to care for its needs either financially or emotionally. Take the dog back to the breeder. This is one guarantee that I will defend and uphold. Your dog will always have a home with me, and/or, I will find him another very loving home to fit his/her needs. Please keep my contact information available and updated so that you can reach me if you have found no other solution.


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