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It is our (my husband Jerry and I) strong desire to be fully qualified as members of the  Natural Rearing Breeders Association by this time next year, that will be spring of 2011!  The NRBA has a "Code of Ethics" that requires all potential members to read, agree to and sign.  They have very high standards for those who wish to join.... and some of the requirements take some time to achieve!  Please, I am working towards it!

It is of utmost importance for you, the reader,  to know that I learned about this organization only several months ago.  After researching it fully, we decided to strive to become a member in December, 2009.  Please keep this in mind as you read their qualifications and our responses, in blue, below.  Thank you.

 Code of Ethics... and Responses:

As a member of the Natural Rearing Breeder Association, I state that:

1.) I am committed to feeding/rearing my dogs on raw meat and bone diet and do not feed processed kibble or canned foods. I minimally vaccinate or do not vaccinate at all (except where required by state laws).

Feeding Raw Meat and Bones:
"I have been feeding all of my dogs exclusively a raw diet since November, 2009.  They get a diet of roughly 80% raw meat (chicken, beef, venison, fish, rabbit) 10 % bone and 10% organ meat (kidney, liver, etc).  They love their new diet and have been thriving on it!!  I am amazed at the results: their coats are so soft and shiny, their teeth are again sparkly clean (they were getting a build up of tartar from eating the high quality kibble), they have no bad breath, they have very little waste and it does not smell!!  I love this diet because it is so easy!

Our puppies will be weaned on to raw meat also.  They will begin with a ground mush and slowly, as their teeth develop, we will introduce small meat chunks and bone... only as they become ready.... and just like a 'wolf mom' in the wild would do with her pups."


"With the exception of the Rabies vaccine (under Wisconsin state  law) our older dogs, "Mowgli" & "Maisy"  have not been vaccinated in over three years.  We believe that their past vaccinations will cover their immunity for the rest of their lives.  If I ever have any problem with a virus, I will only treat them homeopathically or with which ever natural modality best fits.   I am currently in search of a local Homeopathic Veterinarian who will do blood titer tests if it were ever necessary.

In regard to my younger female, "Mari" she has only had her first round of puppy shots (DHLPP) before she came home... and no vaccinations since.  Rabies is the only exception, which that was given to her after 20 weeks of age, when her body was mature enough to handle the toxins injected into her. 

Please go to the Rabies Challenge Fund website to find out more about the studies that are being preformed to prove the duration of immunity of the Rabies vaccine in dogs.  It's exciting work and they are hoping to prove that the rabies vaccine will have a duration of 5 and even 7 years..... maybe for the dog's entire life, only with one vaccination!!

We do not vaccinate our puppy litters (I have not followed this practice for four years) because we do not believe that their bodies are strong enough at 6 or even 8 weeks of age to bombard and overwhelm their immune systems with 5-7 different viruses and all of the chemical preservatives and toxins at one time.  We believe that the pups carry their mother's natural immunities with them for several months, as our pups still will nurse, as long as the mother allows, still sneaking milk snacks until they go into their new homes.   The manner in which vaccines are given, by injection, is completely un-natural... nature does not inoculate toxins directly into the blood stream to produce antibodies to strengthen immunity in our natural world. Proper antibodies are only developed through natural exposure, through the nostrils, by saliva, from ingestion or direct physical contact... never synthetically through a needle.  A puppy or dog on a raw diet will have an incredibly strong immune system because what they are eating is providing them all of the natural enzymes and nutrients that they need to easily fight off any unwelcome germs.  Please see our Limited Vaccination page for more information and many external links where you can learn more for yourself."

2.)  I do not use chemical products in, on or around my dogs such as commercial wormers, flea preventions, floor cleaners, lawn pesticides, etc.

"There is no need to use harsh chemicals when there are wonderfully natural ways to address each of these dangerous synthetic chemicals.  Our culture has lost the ability and understanding of what our God has created for us in His creation in the form of essential oils, herbs, natural remedies and recipes, and simple common sense.  I also, at one time,  used to believe the advertising schemes and grab the chemicals off the shelf 

at the store, because that was easier, I thought.  I was mistaken and mis-led. With a little bit of time and learning, I have found natural 

ways to do things, clean things and repel pests!"  See the page: No Chemicals.


3.) I have been feeding a raw species appropriate raw meat and bone diet to my breeding dogs for a minimum of three years.

"Again, this takes time as we have only been feeding raw meat and bones since November, 2009.  In some ways, we are still experimenting with different meats and organs and ways to feed!"

4.) I breed my dogs with care and attention for the preservation and improvement of my chosen breed.

"We hope that it is noticed through this website and in person that we do care about these dogs, and this breed, and that the care and attention given them is a huge commitment and passion of love."

5.) I test my breeding program in an objective venue such as conformation showing, work, tests and/or trials, etc.

"This area we will freely admit we are lacking in.... yet. I used to show horses years ago and I am well aware of the "political-ness" that can be involved in that, or any competitive arena.  We are very open to trying new possibilities and we plan on attending some AKC events and learning more about some of the local dog groups.  Hopefully we will find a good fit!"

6.) I research health, temperament, and conformation for each litter I breed.

"We are a very small breeder and only breed the dogs we own.  We have researched our lines as best as we can and we know that the dogs we have are very solid and healthy.  We are proud of the fact that our dogs do not come from any large kennels whose only source of income is by breeding and showing.... we are not motivated by money, we have no desire to flaunt our bloodlines just to increase the purchase price of our puppies.  What we do here is our passion, and our dogs or puppies are not how we pay our bills."   

7.)  I ensure that my dogs that are offered for stud and the bitches that are accepted for stud service are in good health and free from communicable diseases and sound structurally.

"We will attain the minimum tests required by the Golden Retriever Club of America performed on the breeding pair which are as follows:

a. Hips – for U.S. dogs, a report from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals; or PennHIP at 24 months of age or older. 

b. Eyes – appropriate report from a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology (ACVO) after 1 year of age. Examinations must be done within 12 months of a breeding..

c. Hearts – appropriate report from a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Medicine, Cardiology Specialty or a certification by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals by a cardiologist (the number will be followed by a C) at 12 months of age or older.

d. Elbows – for U.S. dogs, a report from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals at 24 months of age or older.

Currently, our male, "Mowgli" has his OFA Hip Certification rating as "Fair" (click to see his Certificate)

We do not have any other "official health certificates" on any our dogs as of yet, but we will by the end of 2010.  Please give us a bit of grace as we pursue this certification testing for any future litters.

Additionally, ALL three of my dogs have been tested and are completely free of any genetic diseases,  weaknesses and imbalances through natural alternative medicine.  We do all of our own heath testing as Jerry and I are both Certified Technicians in Computerized ElectroDermal Stress Analysis (CEDSA) can re-balance most any health issue homeopathically.  Our dogs are VERY healthy.... and so are their puppies.  If there ever is an issue of parasite, a virus, or any chemical imbalance, we can find it and deal with it homeopathically until their body regains the proper balance again."

8.) I rear the puppies in a human home where they will get a maximum of human contact and socialization.

"We believe this is one of the foundational necessities to rearing a healthy, happy puppy.  Our puppies are raised inside our home with us and are accustomed to all of the usual household noises and sounds. along with being well socialized with the older dogs in our family. The older ones definitely teach the younger ones proper puppy manners."  See our page on Emotional Development

9.) I health test all my breeding dogs for the diseases and/or health problems prevalent in my breed and provide copies of all appropriate health and genetic clearances to puppy buyers.

"Again,  we do not have all of the official clearances from the necessary orthopedic and health foundations.  My male, 'Mowgli' was OFA certified as "Fair" in June of 2009, but had a horrible reaction to the anesthesia that he was given to be "put out" to do the x-rays.  I was concerned to put my female through that also, until last winter, when I began to learn that there is another way to get these necessary tests accomplished, through a homeopathic veterinarian, which I am still interviewing for.  I decided against exposing her to  radiation and potential toxins when her heat cycle was due in less than two months from that time. But, she was late and  didn't come into heat until the end of March this year. 

So, again, we recently decided to strive to achieve to meet these standards with our dogs, so we do not have all of these clearances yet.  As stated in #7 above, we are Certified CEDSA Technicians and we do have proof that our dogs are healthy and have done all that we can homeopathically to ensure their optimal health.  We do not yet have the official standard clearances... but we will have them by the end of 2010!" 

10.) I provide health and temperament information on my breed in general as well as on my specific dogs or puppies to all prospective puppy buyers.

"All of our puppies will come with their own individual CEDSA Health Analysis Report and with our personal lifetime guarantee and assistance in preventative health for their puppy, if they so choose.  Any breed information and past parent health information will also be shared as well!

11.)  I register my litters with the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, or other all breed or breed-specific registries that have similar standards.

"All of our litters have been, and will continue to be registered with the American Kennel Club. "

12.) I provide all required documentation with each puppy, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the registry.

"Yes... of course!"

13.) I personally and carefully screen each prospective puppy buyer to ensure that the home is appropriate for the breed and the individual dog and make every effort to place puppies in homes where they will continue to rear them "Naturally".

"WE always carefully screen each family that is interested in one of our puppies.  Because of our puppy visitation times, we get to know the potential puppy buyers quite well.  We always retain the right to refuse to sell to a buyer that we are not comfortable with or has an unfit home for a large dog. 

This 2010 litter, will be our first litter to wean and raise to a raw meat diet. We are looking forward to this opportunity and will share with all of the new puppy buyers about what is best for their puppy.  We will make every effort to educate our puppy buyers as to the dangers of the commercial kibble diet, the dangers of over-vaccinating, and the dangers of pesticides and chemicals.  If they love their puppy and desire to continue to raise it as suggested, we hope and pray that the new owners will abide by that and my "coaching with them" will always be available, for the lifetime of their dog.

 13.) I remain available to my puppy buyers for the life of the puppy to mentor if need be and provide education in natural rearing.

"It has always been our policy to remain available to the puppy owners for the lifetime of the dog!  In fact, we have had several "Puppy Parties" for our previous litters and their families!!  Proof that we deeply care about the welfare of our progeny and that they are well cared for.  

We are also looking forward to continuing to share our knowledge with our puppy owners, present and future!  As I continue in my education to become a Doctor of Veterinary Naturopathy, I am continuously learning about new methods and modalities of caring for our pets, naturally!"

Puppy Party 2008 from our first litter!


14.) I take back puppies at any time during their life if necessary, ensuring that each dog I breed has a home for its lifetime.

"This has always been a part of our policy and will continue to be so!  We never want one of our puppies to end up homeless and a home will always be welcome here for any of our "furry relatives!"

15.) All puppy placements are done by me, the breeder, never by third parties such as brokers, dealers, or wholesalers, nor through auctions, or as prizes.

"We have never used this marketing tactic and never will! We want to know where our puppies go... even if they change ownership, for any reason, we ask that the owner let us know."

16.) I will sell no puppy or dogs to a commercial facility, puppy broker, pet shop, puppy mill or their agent. I refuse to sell any puppy or adult dog to a buyer who cannot or will not provide evidence of ability to properly care for the animal.

"We feel very strongly about this and will never market any animal this way."

17.) I hold myself responsible for the welfare of every dog I breed and/or sell.

"We absolutely agree!"  Please see our The Fine Print page.

18.) I will conduct myself at all times in such a manner as to reflect credit on the sport of purebred dog showing and Natural Rearing of my specific breed.

"We hope and pray, and it is certainly our intent, that we always will treat others as we would want to be treated... with kindness and respect.  This is how we live our lives."

19.) I am a member in good standing of a breed-related, show-related, canine education-related, working dog-related, or rescue-related club or organization.

"We are members of the American Kennel Club in good standing.  We do hope, soon to become involved in another local, dog group as well!"

20.)  I have provided three references (with phone numbers and/or mailing address included below or on a separate piece of paper) as requested by the Natural Rearing Breeders Association.

If anyone would like to references to our current puppy owners, or anyone else from our past animal positions, please email me.  We will gladly provide those to you through a more  private venue if you need.

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