Puppy Policy 


 • Date whelped: projected date - spring 2017

 • Cost: $1800.00 each

 • Puppies will be ready to go home after 8 weeks of age.

 • A partial deposit of $200.00 will hold a puppy when they are whelped. 

 • A puppy can only go home after 8 weeks and the final payment is made.

 • Owners who have spoken for a puppy with a verbal commitment and a $200.00 (non refundable) deposit will be able to chose their new canine family member at 6 weeks of age.  Puppies will be chosen in the order of down payment received, or spoken for.  After that, picking your puppy will be on a first come, first serve basis. 

 •  Remember, no puppies will go home before the age of 8 weeks!

 • We DO NOT ship puppies on planes alone. If you want to fly with a pup, they can be taken in the cabin with a puppy nanny or the new puppy family owner. 


Puppy Policy 

All our puppies are sold with FULL AKC registration and will come with their registration papers, 3-generation pedigree, and their own adoption certificate.  

Puppies will be de-wormed with an all natural homeopathic remedy, if they test positive for worms (we test them, ourselves).  Each puppy will come with a CEDSA Health Analysis and report of any imbalances in their body.  If there are any imbalances found, they can be balanced easily with the proper homeopathic so that the body will correct itself.  Please see my website at: www.animal-insights.com for more info on this analysis.

We NEVER let our pups go before at least 8 weeks of age. It is our hope and prayer that each and every puppy we raise and send off will be going to their first and only home as a treasured family pet and companion... to love and to be loved!

We LOVE to keep in touch with our puppy owners!  To us, you are like "furry family" and we enjoy hearing updates and certainly receiving photos!!   Your photos and stories always make my day!!  We want to be available for you if the future if you have any health questions, challenges, or even if you can no longer keep your dog... for what ever reason.  Your dog will ALWAYS have a home with us and/or we will re-home him to the perfect family.  We do take responsibility for the life of every dog that we raise.

"Puppy Party 2009"

Puppy Party 2009


Picking Your Puppy

When the puppies are 6 weeks old, I will notify the future owners in their respective order that I received their deposit (or according to their placing on our list), to come and choose their puppy.  By this time, their personalities will have begun to develop and you can start to see some of their distinguishing characteristics and behaviors.

Note:  For those of you who would like to read the more detailed version of our policies, please see the last page,  The Fine Print .

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