Our Sire - "Mowgli"

Our Sire - "Mowgli" 

AKC "Jewel's Golden Mowgli Bear" 

AKC# SR24141903  OFA51F

Date Whelped:  01/20/2005


Mowgli" is our eleven year old male.  He has numerous American and English champion bloodlines in his background (see below)! His history is truly amazing as he comes from the very best lines that formed the Golden Retriever breed. This can be followed through a website called K-9 Data, through which all of our dogs can be traced. Generations upon generations of champions were bred to one another to create an amazing foundational basis for this fine sire.

"Mowgli" is quite a charming character and very intelligent and willing. He also has his Canine Good Citizen award!  He is a "street smart" dog with a great deal of common sense.  I have trained him with positive reinforcement only, as this method of training produces a very happy dog, free-style type of personality in a dog. We love his excitement for life!

He is a beautiful deep golden color, with natural blonde highlights, in his curly, wavy hair.  He is quite an athlete; very agile, fast and strong.  He is attentive and observant and shows all of the natural characteristics of an avid hunter. He loves the water and even tries to catch fish with his paws!  He has a great love for children and is always ready to share his wagging happiness and lots of kisses.


"Mowgli" is so happy and handsome.


Mowgli loves to jump.


Mowgli as a puppy.

Mowgli Scrap

Mowgli loves life... and his frisbee!

Mowgli Loves Life

Mowgli has numerous American and English champion bloodlines in his background!!  Click on his pedigree to learn more!

Below is Mowgli's AKC 3-Generation Pedigree.  Mowgli is OFA Hip & Elbow certified.  To see Mowgli's OFA Hip Clearance certificate click here We also have his heart and thyroid certifications - all passed.  He is a very healthy boy!!


He also has numerous American and English champion bloodlines in his background!  See below!   

Click on the above pedigree to view a larger image size.


Check out some of Mowgli's relatives from Topbrass and K9 Data at the links below!

To follow Mowgli's bloodlines back to the beginning of his spectacular breed, go here and click on his ancestors:  http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=463183   

Here are just a few of his champion lines!

Am. CH. Topbrass San Francisco Flame CD (1/11/1972 - 6/14/1980)


Valentine Torch of Topbrass WC


Am. Dual CH. -AFC Ronakers Novato Cain OS FDHF  (4/2/1966 - 7/6/1978)


Poika of Handjem



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