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We believe that one of the most significant health issues in dogs is over-vaccination.  The only vaccine that is required by law is rabies vaccine, and that is only because it is a public health issue and can be transmittable to humans.  However, there is fascinating research going on at this moment about the duration of immunity of the rabies vaccine in dogs.  See Rabies Challenge Fund for more info! 

There is a huge difference between toxic, unnatural chemicals, that vets sell for big money, that actually make dogs sick, and natural methods that work with a body to expel toxins or parasites.  The natural method is all a function of a body's immune system, and a healthy diet will provide the necessary nutrients for the immune system to work properly.  

As for the other usual puppy vaccines; distemper, hepatitis, adenovirus 2, parainfluenza, parvovirus, coronavirus, leptospirosis, these vaccines are usually given to puppies all in one shot as a 5-in 1 vaccine.  It is ludicrous to vaccinate a 6-8 week old puppy  with all of these toxins at one time while they still have the natural immunities of the mother!  To inject a little puppy with 5 (sometimes 7 different viruses) at once overwhelms their immune system and it would NEVER EVER occur in the wild that way! Some vets will give each vaccine individually, which, if you are going to vaccinate, is the best way to do it. You must 
specifically ask your vet to vaccinate your puppy this way, but be aware, he will probably talk you right out of it because vets are trained that their way is a safe.  No matter 
what the age of a dog (or any animal) to vaccinate any animal with 5 or 7 vaccines in one shot is absolutely absurd.                                                

Also, to vaccinate a sick puppy (or under anesthesia) should be a crime.  Their immune system is already fighting so hard that to add anything more for the body to have to fight, at that time, is wrong.  Even the vaccine label itself has a warning statement on it to not give to an animal that is already immune compromised!  

Another thing is the quantity of the vaccine is exactly the same, whether you are vaccinating a St. Bernard puppy or a Chihuahua puppy.  So your puppy will get the same amount of toxins as a giant dog breed would.  That is insane!  Any animals body, even humans, cannot handle all of those chemicals and pathogens, especially at once!  They are completely unnatural. This is a huge part of why there are so many health problems with dogs, especially small dogs, with allergies, seizures, diabetes and cancer.  

There are other options for vaccination.  One is an immunity antibody test called a "blood titer test".  At your request, your vet can do a blood test of the necessary anti-bodies in your pets blood and get the results, on paper.  This is one way to find out if your pet needs any vaccinations.  Usually, a dog or cat will retain the immunities of the parents because the vaccines do imprint on the DNA.  This is something to discuss with you vet if he or she is open to it.  If they are not open to discussion and consideration of this topic, you may want to find another veterinarian who will.

I know this is challenging to understand.  I too, years ago, was a proponent for vaccinating my animals, but I have drastically changed my view by learning the real truth, and even from having some of my own health challenges as a result of vaccinations.  Please, do not take my word for any of this... do your own research about how you want to vaccinate your pet.  It is important stuff, and it is your responsibility.

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