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Hi Ellen and Jerry,

            Buddy joined our family in August of 2007.  He was a puppy from Mowgli and Maisy’s July 2007 litter.  He has been a great dog right from the start.  He potty trained very easily (within a

Bussy Konrad 3 sm couple of weeks).  When he was old enough to go to puppy classes he sailed through them with flying colors.  He is always eager to please us and very responsive to training.  During class they referred to him as the “all American dog” and had us demonstrate a lot of the techniques.

            Buddy has grown to be a very handsome dog, as you can see by the pictures I have included.  Our kids absolutely adore him… well, we all do.  He is so loving and gentle.  He is there for the kids when they need a friend to cuddle with and he knows just how to play with them.  He has never gotten too rough with any of us.

            Buddy also loves the outdoors.  He loves going on walks and chasing balls in the backyard.  I also started inline skating with him last summer.  We go out every morning (weather permitting).  I can tell how much he enjoys getting outside to run and I love to exercise with him.  When it isn’t messy outside, we take him to the dog park.  He just loves to run and explore.  It is amazing how well he gets along with all the other dogs.   

            Last summer we took Buddy camping with us.  We weren’t sure what to expect because neither Kevin nor I had ever taken a dog on a camping trip before, but we were pleasantly surprised!  He had a great

 Buddy Konrad 1 sm_

time and was very well behaved.  He slept in the camper with us and went on a lot of hikes and walks. 

            I could just go on and on about how wonderful he is and how much we adore him.  We want to thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for such a wonderful addition to our family.

God Bless,

Ellen  K.


                                                             (Photos of Buddy and Family below!)


      Buddy Konrad - Christmas 2008_sm                Buddy and the kids_sm

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Sonny Sophie & Sam!

In September of 2007 my Springer Spaniel “Charlie” was very sick.  My husband Joe and I decided we would like to bring another dog into our house since we also had an 11 year old German Shephard . 

Five days before Charlie died I found this wonderful website that Jerry and Ellen had designed.  I emailed Ellen, told her my story and that we would be interested in adopting a little boy from them.  I also wanted to know when the next litter was expected because I did not want to bring a puppy into the house while my Charlie was so sick.   

Sophie and Sam

I received an email back almost immediately from Ellen saying they just happened to have one little boy left- NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH LEFTOVER- and totally understood my situation.  If I wanted to wait she knew where I was coming from because they had been there too.  When I found out Ellen and Jerry only lived an hour away from us, I could not help but feel God had a hand in this connection.  What I thought I wanted was not what God knew I needed.  

Joe and I were in Oshkosh the next morning at 9:00 a.m.  Jerry, Ellen, Maisy, Mowgli and the sweetest little golden ball of fluff we had ever seen greeted us at the door.  Two hours later we were bringing “Sonny” (short for Sunshine) home.

There was an instant bond between Charlie and Sonny.  It was as if Charlie knew I would need the love and comfort this little one would give me after he was gone and he was right 

Sonny always has been the mellowest dog and amazes people how well behaved, gentle and loving he is. Our vet calls him, “the puppy with an old person’s soul” he just always seems so much wiser than his years. 

Only after Charlie was gone did Sonny start to play with “Sadie” our Shepard.  As the time passed they also became inseparable.  On occasion Joe and I would talk about the possibility of adopting another dog after Sadie was gone because Sonny was never without a playmate.  When the time came---

I asked Ellen if we could adopt another one of her puppies so Sonny would not be alone.  On September 4, 2008 God blessed the Welk household with another bundle (I should say bundles) of joy.  Two days later we went to Oshkosh to meet the new family.  We made numerous visits to spend time with Jerry, Ellen, Maisy, Mowgli and the pups.  We got to see them grow and develop into gorgeous, smart, loving and gentle dogs. 

This is where our story gets good—I wanted a female and picked out this pretty little girl, which Joe thought was perfect.  However it seems that while I was wrapped up in our new little “Sophie” Joe was wrapping himself to a little male in the litter.  This little guy was the biggest in the litter and even a bigger fluff ball.  We started watching him and while the other pups played he would sit and watch Joe.  After this happened several times, we stated talking…do we or don’t we?  We talked with Ellen and Jerry about it and decided that we would wait to see if this little guy got adopted right away.  The deal was if he was not spoken for by the time we were to take Sophie home, then we were supposed to have him too. 

Then there were 3 – Sonny, Sophie and Sam!!!IMG_0896

Sonny will be 2 yrs old July 6, 2009 and Sophie and Sammie are 8 months old.  They go to daycare alternately one day a week to have “away” time from each other but when one comes home it is like renewing an old friendship. 

Sophie is my little princess—it is all about her.  She will instigate rough play but then runs to hide under my legs when things start to escalate.  She is also the little whiner.  Whenever she wants something she uses this sad little whimper until you see what she wants.   Sam is a duplicate of Sonny.  It is getting harder and harder to tell them apart. 

Thank you Ellen and Jerry for letting Joe and I adopt these 3 wonderful dogs.  Our lives are definitely fuller and richer because of them.  Even on bad days they have the uncanny ability to laugh.

With love,

Chris & Joe


IMG_0897    IMG_0894


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Bailey Growing Sm

Bailey has been a dream come true.  If I'm sad or lonely, all I have to do is sit on the floor and pat my lap and he comes right over and lays directly on my lap.  That's a small feat for a 55 lb dog.  He's been growing slowly, but I think he'll top 

off around 60 or 65 lbs.  "Ella" and him get along great.  They finally realized that ropes are for playing tug of war with ea

ch other and they have loads of fun running laps in the back yard, the field, and the dog park.  He's had absolutely no health problems either!




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Subject: Wriglay Update. . .

 First - we can't thank you enough for our puppy.  He is truly a joy in our lives.  He is such a GOOD, GOOD dog.  I remember our friend telling us that about her dog from you, and we were awaiting the end of the puppy hyper phase to start discovering that in Wriglay.  Of course, he is still our puppy - but what a great temperament and personality he has!


We took him north to my cousin's cabin this weekend, and he chased the kids on sleds all across the lake.  He has my cousin and her husband (he is the Chief of Vet. Medicine at Rush Hospital in Chicago) that they need their own "Wriglay". 


Tony & I had been taking him running every a.m.  Wriglay is truly a great running partner for me.  I remember you talking about running with your Goldens.  It took a long while to get him trained to not pull, but this month, he has finally mastered the side-by-side running. 


Needless to say, our family loves him to pieces.  To our girls, he is like the annoying little brother they've never had.  They love him, hug him constantly, get mad at him when he takes their underwear down the stairs. . . it's all so much fun! 


From early on, when Tony & I would hug, the girls would run around us and yell  "group hug" and join in one big hug.  Well, Wriglay has caught onto the group hug.  If he sees Tony & I hugging, it's a race to see who joins in first - Wriglay or the girls.  What a silly bunch we have!  :-)

He is so very smart and, by far, the best looking Golden we have seen in town.  (We aren't biased at all.) 


Wriglay 1

I can't say enough about how much Wriglay has brought to our lives.  I have been unable to find a teaching job here - now it will be two years in a row.  It is rather disconcerting to me, and there are days where I just take Wriglay out and enjoy our time together.  I never feel lonely with him around. 


So - thanks again for doing such a wonderful job as a breeder.  I truly think that has made the difference in the kind of sweet dog that we have.


Hope all is well with you and your new little one! 


Thanks again,

The Smith's

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