Feeding a RAW Diet

Raw Meat and Bones 

A diet of dry kibble is by no means "natural" and it actually causes significant damage to the dog's internal organs and immune system.  Feeding a diet of RAW meat and bones is one of the BEST and most natural things that you can ever do for your dog.   WHY?  Read more below!

This is a video of the first feeding of raw chicken to my dogs. (part 1) November 2009

A domestic dog's DNA is only 1% different than the wolf's DNA!  That means that the wolf is 99% exactly the same as the domestic dog!!  So, think, "Whatever a wolf eats, is what I want to feed my dog"!  Well, a wolf eats PREY!  A wild caught diet of prey from pheasants, deer, grouse, nest eggs, rodents, coyotes, raccoons,  opossums, etc.  Yes, wolves are also "opportunists" meaning that they will also eat what they can scavenge.  Typically, a wolf will eat a kill or a downed animal and gorge themselves on it.  Then they may not eat for a day or two, until they find more food.  They may nibble on some wild berries, but generally, they will pass them by unless they are VERY hungry.  Wolves, as dogs, do not produce enough of the enzyme called "amalyse" to digest the carbohydratres that they may eat.  It is unnatural for them to eat grains of any kind!  Their body can not digest it!  A similar analogy, by comparison, would be if I would try to feed a rabbit to a pet bird!  Silly!


This is a video of the first feeding of raw chicken to my dogs. (part 2) November 2009

Not only are they unable to digest most of the ingredients in the kibble, they are unable to digest whatever nutrition actually is in (or added to) the commercially processed pet foods, including all of the chemicals and preservatives.  Any meat that is cooked over 180 degrees is basically providing your carnivore pet very little nutrition.  Our pets need the live enzymes that is found in a raw diet to truly be healthy and to increase their longevity!  We want our of our furry family members to life a long health life!    

Dog and cat kibble has only been around for 150 years, at the most.  What did our carnivore pets eat before there was specific dog food???  Hummm.....  

I am completely convinced after doing the real research about carnivore nutrition and feeding my dogs this myself that I am a total believer in a "species appropriate" diet of raw meat and bones.  Dogs can survive on commercial pet food, but will they thrive?  Hey, don't just take my word for it.... do some research your-self, check out some of these great links below, and then, you decide.

One of the BEST resources to learn more about raw feeding is a FREE online magazine called "RAW INSTINCTS MAGAZINE" 

RIM Logo Art

I have several articles in this publication about DNA analysis and weaning pups to raw meat.  Check them out at the above link or click on the Raw Instincts logo.

Our "Mari" is the cover girl for the May 2012 
issue of the magazine!


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On the lighter side..... this is a video clip from "Saturday Night Live" about "Mostly Garbage Dog Food".  It will give you a chuckle.  :)


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