Emotional Development

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We want your puppy to live a long and healthy life!  This must start before your puppy is conceived, through development and into it's very first breath of life!   From there, your puppy's healthy development depends on having every one of it's newborn's needs met.  Th first weeks of development are so crucial to the lifelong physical, emotional and behavioral aspects of your pup, soon to be dog.

From our standpoint, we have experienced the full spectrum of a dogs life; from the beauty of birth to the devastation of death.  We know how much it hurts when a pet dies.  The loss of a pet can be so significant to a family that it is our intention to present to you the healthiest puppies we possibly can.  The only way to do that is to follow nature... yes, nature,  and it's common sense.  This means, to follow the wonderful example of The Creator, and to follow God's example of how He cares for His Canine creations.  

Spay neuter Pros & Cons

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