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My husband, Jerry, and I, love and dearly enjoy the Golden Retriever breed.  We currently own four Golden Retrievers, "Mowgli",  "Maisy", "Mari", and our new pup, "Journey". We love these dogs because of their stability, loyalty, beauty, and their ability to think… and to love.  These dogs are among the best of any dog breed or any pet that a family can possibly own.  We are people who know and love these animals.    


Natural Rearing & Breeding

Currently, I am going to school for my degree as a "Doctor of Animal Naturopathy".  That is a big title for an "Animal Naturopath"!  It doesn't mean a veterinarian.  What I am in training to do, is to learn and educate people about how to care for their pets, naturally!  This means to feed your pets a species appropriate diet: raw meat and bones for our carnivore dogs, cats and ferrets; minimal vaccines (Rabies is the only vaccine required by law), no chemicals or pesticides, no flea or tick medication, and plenty of fresh water, sunshine, exercise and tons of love!!!

Here is an article by Dr. Kim Bloomer about what a Veterinary Naturopath is! 
 What Do Animal Naturopaths Do?

Also, here is a link to an audio interview that I did with "Animal Talk Naturally" that will give you some of my background:   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/animaltalknaturally/2013/05/22/a-golden-journey-to-health-with-ellen-welk--show-461

All of our dogs live inside our home with us.  Our puppies are also raised inside our home.  Our pups have been touched and handled from the very day of their birth, and every day since.  They have had oodles of visitors, and have been played with by children and adults alike.  They are accustomed, and well adjusted to all of the usual home noises; i.e. television, clanking dishes, radio, vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, passing cars, people walking by, etc.  They have grown up with these sounds and have learned not to be afraid of them.  These sounds are a part of their home life already, which makes our puppies wonderful house pets from the very moment you bring your puppy into your own home.  They have even been introduced to the beginnings of potty training and always prefer to potty away from where they eat and sleep and/or outside when they are big enough!

We believe that the best way to raise a puppy is to give them the love, care and respect that they deserve.  We will always be available to our puppy owners for the life of the puppy (we have 'Puppy Parties' too) and we would be glad to help with any questions you may have about raising your dog naturally.  We also guarantee that we will take back your puppy, at any point, if you are no longer able to care for it.  We want to insure that you dog will always have home.  These pups are little blessings, from the Lord God above, and we care for these puppies exactly in that way.... as a part of God's amazing creation and a part of our family.

I also have oodles of experience with exotic and native Wisconsin animals as I worked for five years at our local city zoo. Enjoy the pictures at the side of this page! 


We know that you may have some questions about some of the things we do for our pups, but everything we do, does have a purpose... and it is for the best interest of our puppies and for their future fur-ever families!!  

We hope and pray, that you will find the perfect puppy for your family, and that he or she will become your best furry-family member ever.



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